3D Dome Cinema
Stereoscopic 3D Dome Cinema
Ultra-view panorama 3D experience
Integrate with Multidimensional Lamp, Light, Sound and Image
Like lying in the images cheerfully!
Original Creation and Full-Automatic Regulation
Adopt full-automatic HD cloud camera, correct 720°
panorama visual and screen with any shape by one key;
up to 0.5 pixel of calibration precision.
Non-deflect Visual Simulation
Measure the pixel visual angle of each projector automatically and accurately; then calculate the FOV to be input of each protection channel and the correction template; the visual error is decided by the camera; the error is less than or equal to 0.5 arc minute; the screen precision and installation precision can be enlarged; support the registration of HUD and virtual image/real image projection.
  • 原始位

  • 投影位

  • 视角错位

  • 精确配准

  • Optimization of Projector
    Full-free projection layout and design; effect evaluation of accurate projection; maximize the utilization of projection resource; up to 80% utilization of projection pixel
  • 3D Dome Cinema Applications
    Urban complex VR entertainment system, smart city park display, panoramic monitoring, theme park science museum, experiential marketing and virtual reality classroom
    Urban Complex VR Entertainment System
    A series of entertainment equipment featured with ultra-high cost performance, ultra-high definition, ultra -large field of visual, promoted for commercial malls, shopping malls, commercial complexes, pedestrian streets, scenic spots, etc., not only attracting visitors but also increasing the incomes.
    Experiential Marketing
    The panoramic experiential marketing system makes up the limitation of the entity display to the field and the insufficient scene sensing of traditional multi-media displaying method; it can establish brand image, attract potential clients and enlarge the popularity and influence of the enterprise and brand.
    Virtual Reality Classroom
    Virtual reality classroom can provide panoramic view, compared with the traditional photo or video, it has four advantages:
    • Natural:

      no need to wear glasses, the sense is more life-like and the communication is natural

    • True:

      based on 3D model, the real photo of highly life-like typical case can be given

    • Clear: provide 180° FOV, 10 million of pixel resolution; then the students can enter the scene fully.

    • Convenient: the real panoramic view of the typical case can be rebuilt by simple training; completely immersive roaming can update case material at any time

    Smart City, Park Demonstration
    The panoramic sand table not only breaks through the inertia situation of the traditional multi-media show module on the visual vertical feeling, but also changes the limited and single showing pattern of the digital sand table, so that the building space structure, macro layout of smart city, park planning and the like are shown effectively, completely, vividly and directly.
    Ultra HD Panoramic Monitoring System Platform
    The front end is collected by multi-pixel ultra HD fisheye camera to obtain 360° scene image; the rear end is treated by real-time image unit of Inlife-Handnet technology; the video information seen in the scene can be completely and truthfully presented in the ball curtain picture; and the monitor is like in the scene with the ultra-wide view.
    Theme Park, Science Museum
    Clearness: the resolution can reach 4K which is far higher than current 4D/5D cinema, compatible 6K ball curtain film
    Brightness: the system brightness can be up to 20FL which is three times of domestic first-class cinema
    Chair: according to the client demands and capital budget, two schemes of sofa or dynamic chair can be adopted
    Specification: adopt modularized design, and quickly deliver the products with 16-96 persons according to the field and the visitors flow demands
    Maintenance: multi-projection automatic correction technique with proprietary intellectual property right can ensure easy maintenance of the system in later period
    Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
    Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
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