Born for Deep Immersion Experience
One Machine with Three Ways Using
Enthusiast design of "helmet + host" makes full use of three kinds of flexible application models; it can be used as a kit “helmet + host”, the host also can be used as TV set-top box, and the helmet can be connected with PC independently, so magic VR can be enjoyed by each family.
High-performance Host
- Host integrates with CUP+GPU, ROM 32GB, support Micro SD card extended up to 128GB.
-Host Configuration: NVIDIA Tegra K1 CPU, Customized Android OS, 5 processing cores (4 big processing cores + 1 small processing core), 192 CUDA, 2.3GHz. The image processing ability is equivalent to a middle-top configuration computer.
-Battery Working Hours: about 5hours for gaming, or10 hours for movie watching.
Sharp Ultra HD Screen
2560X1440 resolution with extreme and excellent brightness, saturation and definition (cinema model).
720° Panorama Visual
/Catch Subtle Movements of the Head
Built-in 9 axis high accuracy sensors catch subtle movements of the head flexibly; switch the picture visual angle at any time.
Provided with large-diameter and aspheric optical lens; own 110° ultra-wide FOV; simulate the gold view of human realistically; bring incomparable visual impact.
/Free Regulation for Myopia
Accurate pupillary distance and focal length adjustment help to adapt to different strengths of glasses.
Engineering Level PC+ABS Material, Revealing Industrial Beauty.
While enjoying industrial beauty, it is smart and flexible without bearing stress.
High-resilience Memory Foam, Comfortable and Breathable
Conforming to human engineering design, adopt soft, comfortable, breathable and durable high-quality materials, making it more comfortable to wear.
Skin-friendly Elastic Belt, and Flexible Adjustment
While enjoying industrial beauty, it is smart and flexible without bearing stress.
Multi-path Connection for Various Selections
Support wireless Wifi connection online watching as well as USB U disk socket reading playing Integrate HDMI, S-DATA, and USB interface; provide HD video, audio output and high-speed power supply ,Enjoy movies and games freely at any time and any place
Real time update of contents
numerous contents resources introduced from multiple platforms.
The introduction of strong content partners, 2D, 3D, panoramic large everything to solve your worries after the purchase.
  • Resolution:
  • Screen material:
  • Response time:
  • Size:
  • Support system:
    VR customized system
  • FOV:
  • Hardware interface:
  • CPU+GPU:
    Nvidia Tegra K1、
    192 Kepler Mobile GPU
  • Ram/Rom:
  • Compatible with PC\VR application:
  • External storage expansion:
    Support MicroSD extension with maximum storage of 128GB
  • Internal storage:
  • Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
    Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
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