Deep Immersive, Enjoy Personal 3D Cinema
/High-performance CPU
Allwinner 8-core (H8) high-performance CPU, frequency up to 2.0GHz, support 4K HD decoding video, fluent and fast, compatible with 2D, 3D, panorama, etc., meeting your demand of any VR viewing.
FOV 110°
/Large FOV
Immersion of virtual reality is comprehensively upgraded when FOV is up to 110°. Large FOV shocking full-immersion experience is available.
The Best Distance (600mm)
With its 10-year technique experience in optics and visual sense, the best eye-protective distance can be ensured, and no dizziness during viewing.
Exquisite Body Design (380g)
By right of its light body weight of 380g, and no stress feeling for long time wearing, you can watch film and play games anywhere and anytime.
Military-grade Aspheric Lens
It is designed with mature military-grade aspheric optics lens, free of metamorphotic image, so you can enjoy unequalled visual feast.
Unique Cooling Air Duct System
/Performance is more stable
V6 adopts exclusive and automatic cooling processing system (professional air vent) with its fast cooling and zero noise features, making the product more stable.
9-axis high-precision sensor
Gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer 9-axis high-precision sensor, a comprehensive perception of the body action every detail, highly sensitive to meet your various needs of the VR.
100% Light Tight Lamination Design
Repeatedly tested and upgraded 100% light tight lamination design gives consideration to various nasal types and head forms, making you feel the immersion in a more authentic virtual world.
Leading Dust-proof & Anti-fog Techniques
Unique dust-proof & anti-fog technique, IP5 for 8 hours, keeping glasses clean and dry enduringly and making experience be a plus.
Removable and Washable Absorbent Wool
High-resilience sponge and removable and washable absorbent wool have ultra-strong resilience and breathability, constantly keeping the comfortable and breathable experience of your face
Built-in entertainment content platform
Users can connect the network in one machine, in the platform to download their own want to see the film, games and other content.
  • CPU:
    Allwinner octa cores (H8)
  • RAM:
  • ROM:
  • External memory expansion:
    support MicroSD expansion
  • Resolution:
  • Internal tracking sensor:
    9-axis high accuracy sensor
  • Weight:
  • Size:
  • Battery capacity:
  • External power supply:
  • WIFI:
  • Bluetooth:
  • Interaction
    touch control panel + button
  • I/0Interface
    USB*1 Micro USB*1 MicroSD slot *1 3.5mm audio interface *1 I/O
  • System
    VR all-in-one machine
  • Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
    Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
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