Competitiveness Comes From Details
High Technology, Highly Cost-effective
Viulux V1, equipped with 1080P full HD screen, 110° golden FOV and high accuracy 9-axis sensors, is able to capture every detail and offers clearer and more natural images.
Aspheric Optical Lenses Render Stable Imaging
/Image stabilization
By multiple times of grinding and iteration, the military-grade aspheric optical lenses, adopted by Viulux V1, renders stable and undistorted images.
Reliable Performance
Viulux V1, as Viulux first generation of PC VR helmets, has been tested repeatedly by the market, and widely applied in the fields of entertainment, education, audio and video, etc.
Cool Appearance Design
Viulux V1 has an angular-shape design. The industrial level green and black shell reveals the beauty of technologies. Viulux V1 is beautiful, highly legerity and ventilated.
Perfect Light Tight Lamination Design
Based on massive ergonomic design data, the Viulux V1’s face foam perfectly fits human faces and offers immersive game and movie experience.
Super Compatibility
/Massive VR Game Resource
Compatible with most game resources and peripheral equipment on market, Viulux V1 solves the problem of limited VR content and offers clients more game choices.
Engineering Level PC and ABS Material Reveal Industrial Beauty
It is not only with industrial beauty, but also light and comfortable wearing without stress.
Flexibly adjustable, Skin-friendly Elastic Belt
he elastic belt can be adjusted if required, which provides better game experience individually.
High-elastic Memory Foam, Comfortable and Breathable
Soft, comfortable, breathable and durable high-quality materials adopted, making it cleaner and drier.
  • Resolution:
  • Refresh Rate:
  • Sensors:
    Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer
  • FOV:
  • Interface:
  • Certificates:
  • Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
    Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
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