New shock listed
Dual Screen, More Clear
2880 x 1440
/Ultra HD Resolution
120 Hz
/Ultra HD Resolution
120Hz refresh rate displays image more stably without flickering and shaking, enabling viewing to last longer.
0.1 mm
/High-accuracy position tracking
Perceive every subtle movement, and combine spatial locators with 360° virtual space, perfectly realizing in-depth and interactive experience of VR games and movie watching.
0 Distance
/Perfectly attached onto face
Repeatedly tested and upgraded lamination design features scientific stress, making you feel comfortable when wearing, and creating perfect immersive experience.
280 g
/Pressure-free wearing on head
Ultra-light weight of 280g; "little" Lolita in VR field. After being worn for a long time, it does not press against nose or head.
9 Axis High Accuracy Sensors
9 axis high accuracy sensors of gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer can perceive each subtle movement of the head accurately.
Unique Cooling Air Duct System
With unique automatic cooling processing system, quick radiation and zero noise with reserved radiating holes on design, keep the product performance stable all the time.
Dust-proof and Anti-fogging HD Optical Lens
Laser cutting, repeated mechanical polishing for nine times, eight layers of nano-meter coating, IP 5 for 8h,Keep glasses clean and dry enduringly
Oppression-free High-resilience Sponge
Removable and washable Polar Fleece sweat-absorbent cotton is of top cotton quality with ultra-strong resilience and breathability, skin-friendly without irritability, 
Unique Autonomous Platform
Numerous contents resources of games, cinema
By introducing strong content cooperative partners, make 2D, 3D, panoramic movies and others available, solving your post-purchase worries.
  • Screen material
  • Refresh rate
  • Resolution
  • Internal tracking sensor
    9axis high accuracy sensors
  • Weight
  • Screen response time
  • Interaction
    Spatial locator
  • I/0 interface
    USB*1 Micro USB*1 DP*1 audio interface *1
  • System requirement
    Windows10 (64bit)
  • Computer RAM
    8GB or up
  • Display card of computer
    NVIDIA GTX970 or up
  • Computer CPU
    Intel i5-6500 or up
  • Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
    Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
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