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  • Copywriter and planer

    Job responsibilities:

    1, responsible for the press release, soft, publicity materials and other kinds of document writing and editing, establish copywriter release process.

    2, assist the marketing plan of the specific implementation.

    3, assist in market research, and provide effective information feedback.

    Job requirements:

    1, the first Chinese, journalism, Chinese language and literature major, bachelor degree or above.

    2, have good copy writing ability.

    3, the flexible, strong learning ability, is sensitive to news, is good at around industry competition, news, product selling point for targeted refining.

  • Key account manager

    Job responsibilities:

    1, responsible for development provinces, cities and education informatization construction project market;

    2, the whole process of tracking project, starting from the needs of the project, to plan compiling, and project bidding work;

    3, establish customer relationship of the education bureau, responsible for regional customer relationship maintenance and management.

    Job requirements:

    1, college degree or above. Marketing, computer, software, management and other professional;

    2, there are three years experience in project sales operation. A government project sales experience, experience or education project sales experience or medical projects,

    And soft (hard) or integrated project sales experience is preferred;

    3, strong desire for success.

  • The chairman assistant

    Job responsibilities:

    1, is responsible for the chairman of travel and foreign affairs activities of the schedule;

    2, assist the chairman do foreign business activities, business negotiation and other foreign affairs;

    3, dominant or involved in investment and financing and other major business decisions and negotiation, etc, dealing with major events.

    Job requirements:

    1, sexs, a master's degree, major in finance or accounting professional;

    2, have excellent negotiation skills, accurate analysis and understanding ability, good strategic thinking and decision-making ability;

    3, has the good social ability, can accept business trip.

  • Unreal Engine virtual reality engineers

    Job responsibilities:

    1, VR development of UE game engine VR SDK;

    2, VR application and middleware development.

    Job requirements:

    1, the computer related professional bachelor degree or above;

    2, solid C/C + + language foundation and good programming habits;

    3, familiar with UE4 (Unreal Engine), at least 1 year experience of UE4 platform game project or VR application development.

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Employee Benefits

- 40 hours a week working hours;

- To provide marketable compensation for the treatment;

- Provide training opportunities and good career planning, employee equity incentive;

- Entry to buy social insurance, housing provident fund, regardless of household social security unified purchase a comprehensive file;

- Comfortable and beautiful office environment;

- Broad development space, to provide internal promotion opportunities, motivate staff to forge ahead;

- Paid annual leave, maternity leave, sick leave, statutory holidays in accordance with national standards;

- Recruit account: the company every year in line with the requirements of Shenzhen City, the conditions of staff for Shenzhen account transfer;

- Afternoon refreshments time (Monday to Friday afternoon 3: 30-3: 45 minutes);

- Employees get married, births, celebration, monthly employee collective activities, annual tourism and so on.

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