To upgrade the preparation:

1. Unzip the downloaded OTA_Update. Rar file.

2. Box connections good helmet after boot, ensure that machine power is greater than 50% or in a state of charge

3. The box with USB cable connected to the computer

4. Open "my computer" to ensure that you can see VRX equipment (connected to the equipment storage space), if not, please install mobile phone assistant (360 mobile phone assistant, applications such as mobile phone assistant can treasure) connected devices.


1. Open decompression after OTA_Update file, double-click the OTA_Update. Bat file (be sure to keep the machine electricity).

2. The upgrade files are automatically copied to the machine, and this process takes 5 minutes, please be patient, after the completion of the file copy window will automatically close (must not move data line, let the window automatically shut down)

3. After the window machine will automatically upgrade, this process takes 5 minutes, please be patient, after the upgrade is complete the machine automatic shutdown (must machines such as automatic shutdown, host box without the sound of the fan is shut down)

4. Manual boot can be updated on the main interface reserved two seats, those two empty seats are reserved for the recent run of two APP.

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