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Shenzhen Inlife-Handnet Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: 53F, China Energy Storage Building, No.3099, Keyuan South Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Switchboard:0755-8628 4555
  • Key account manager
    Key account manager

    Contact: manager zhang

    Line: 0755-8628, 4361

    Email address:

  • After-sales technical support
    After-sales technical support

    Contact: Chen Gong

    Line: 0755-8607, 1748

    Email address:

  • Sales cooperation
    Sales cooperation

    Contact: Michelle Bei 

    Line: +86 755-8628, 4874 ext. 501

    Mobile: 189 2377 1571

    Email address:

Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
Hotline: 400-067-0690
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