Company Profile

Established in June 2007, Shenzhen Inlife-Handnet Co., Ltd. , is the pioneer of China 3D industry, with research and developing strength of stereo chip, the provider of the most innovative and influential virtual reality technology and solutions, and the multiple national and industrial stand drafting unit in the field of virtual reality and 3D; awarded more than 200 patents, referring to the field of virtual reality, 3D display, 3D collection, interaction, etc. We are devoting to creating authoritative VR integration platform, providing complete VR products and service of technical consulting, solutions, and operation.

  • 2007
    Year Of Creation
  • 100
    Enterprise Honor
  • 255
    Intellectual property
  • Operation Philosophyy
    Market-oriented and driven by scientific and technological innovation.
  • Management Philosophy
    People First, Plan Goal, Highlight Results, Encourage methodically, Perform Efficiency.
  • Group Philosophy
    Undertake, develop and share together.
  • Competition Philosophy
    Win-Win for Cooperation and Competition, Dare to be the first.
Core Value
Inlife-handnet network people dream of unremitting pursuit, we have been on the road
  • Dream
    As the leader of 3D/VR industry in China, Inlife-Handnet bears the hope of 3D industry in China. The common dream is the establishment and development power of the company; which coheres the company, partner and each staff, becoming the source of colorful life. Staff members from Inlife-Handnet embrace the dream of 3D stereo together to create the wonderful tomorrow.
  • Integrity
    As 3D/VR industrial pioneer in China, Inlife-Handnet ignites the development passion of 3D industry in China; the integrity is the foundation of business promotion of the company and staff members; the company shall make contribution to the country, run by the law, and pay tax according to the regulations; take responsibility to the society, consumers, partners and staff members highly, put customers first, give back to society, and ensure the rights and interests of the staff members and shareholder, thus realizing value and develop together.
  • Concentration
    Inlife-Handnet is the 3D/VR industrial innovator in China, which shoulders a mission of promoting the 3D industry in China. Concentrate on the innovation of 3D/VR technique and 3D/VR forward direction, to be the 3D stereoscopic vision product with response in China. Continuously stimulate the concentration spirit of staffs from Inlife-Handnet, encourage the staffs to keep improving, perfect the innovation mechanism, and promote the continuous growth of the company through the complete technical innovation, operation pattern innovation and management innovation.
  • Win-win
    Inlife-Handnet, as a contributor of 3D/VR industry in China, activates 3D industry in China. Inlife-Handnet is to build an outstanding team characterized with fighting capacity, common value orientation and strong cohesion as well as with cooperative spirits, mutual encouragement and clear objectives, so that each staff member and partner of Inlife-Handnet can share the benefits, shoulder the difficulties, work together with one heart, and share weal or woe, and finally realize win-win cooperation.
Changing to a new world starts from visual recognition
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